Astrology Constellation Runes



Each zodiac has many complex meanings, and the energy of each can be used in divination with these wooden constellation runes. The notecard included shows what each constellation is and a couple ways you can use these runes. We encourage people to be creative and use these runes in a way that is meaningful in their own life and spiritual practices. However, if you would like to learn more about the basic properties and energetic qualities of each sign, you can add-on PositivelyMystic’s ‘Astrology Basics’ booklet.

These astrology runes can also be used in conjunction with tarot, pendulum, or other forms of intuition divination. They can also be used on an altar as markers of specific astrological events, or as wooden pieces used in a spell or ritual.

Some ways to use the runes:
1. Pose a question and pull a rune. How does the energy and meaning of that zodiac sign contribute to your question?

2. Intentionally choose a zodiac sign to research. Carry the rune with you, returning to the positive aspects of that energy for support throughout the day.

It is often the most simple, versatile tools we acquire that grow most special to us, and we are set on making high-quality magic tools that will fill your heart and strongly support any self or community healing practice you have taken up.