Modern Witch Spirit Board



This wooden spirit board is designed specifically to enhance the ouija experience: something with a deeper spiritual connection than the commercial boards made by Hasbro.

Talking boards were made popular in America in the 1890’s and have thrived as a game since. However, they are also powerful tools for divination, communication with the dead and otherworlds, and ancestral healing.

PositivelyMystic is our small, witch & women owned company who invests in other entrepreneurs and makers in our community of Ithaca, NY. We strive to make high-quality, sustainable, wooden spirit boards to honor all the people dedicating time to attuning their intuition and taking a spiritual journey.

Q: Why is this ouija board round?
A: After testing many different board styles, shapes, and layouts, we found that a round spirit board with the letters around the border created the fastest, most communicative sessions. The planchette really will fly across the board!

Each board measures 12 inches in diameter, and is topped with an acrylic sheet. The acrylic looks and feels like a glass top, and is removable for easy cleaning.

Each board style has been tested to ensure that the symbols are easily understood by the spirits. Each board with reach you new and cleansed, ready for an open, positive session.

Each board comes with a planchette (graphic design may vary) with felt underneath for a smooth glide, along with a notebook for tracking your spirit sessions, and an instructions guide with tips and suggestions that I’ve learned from many experienced ouija practitioners.

Please play at your own risk, we are not responsible for any negativities that come from these boards (although you shouldn’t be worried if you use this properly!)

Question? Looking for a custom order? Don’t hesitate to send us a message!