Moon Phases Runes



These wooden moon phase runes are very simple, but can be used in a magical or spiritual practice in a multitude of ways. Often, it is the simplest, more versatile tools that we hold dearest to us. Each set contains 8 moon phases, and includes a notecards that suggests a few ways to use the runes, but we always encourage people to be creative and use them in ways that best serve their life.

Each moon phase has a varied symbolic meaning across different cultures. Use the internet, local resources, or your intuition to discover what resonates for you. On our notecard is each phase with our personal divination keywords for each. You can use the runes in divination by posing a question and pulling a rune. How does the energy and meaning of that moon phase contribute to your question?

You can also carry the rune that corresponds to the current moon phase in your pocket. If you change runes every 3-4 days as the phase shifts, what changes do you notice about your connection to the moon?

The moon is a beautiful, silent force in our lives and these runes can act as a guide in connecting to moon energy and discovering your own connection to her beautiful cycles.