Pagan Wheel of the Year Calendar




This is a wooden spinning Wheel of the Year calendar used to track the Pagan Sabbats, Phase of the Moon, and Astrological Zodiac. It measures 12 inches in diameter, and is made from birch wood. At the base of each tier is acrylic and felt, which help each tier to turn smoothly. Each order comes with free shipping, and is shipped entirely in recyclable packaging.

Each wheel comes with a 50 page booklet, full of illustrations, charts, and descriptions about how to use the wheel. The booklet covers the history of each of the 8 Pagan Sabbats, along with some ways to celebrate each holiday. It also includes the dates of each sabbat and astrological zodiac season as well as the full, new, and quarter moons for 2021-2025.

This wheel is a calendar, but is also used as an altar. Allow yourself to be creative with how you use it and adapt it to fit your own spiritual practices. Place stones, herbs, or small tokens on the wheel, and the center tile can be removed and filled with flowers, crystals or a candle.

You can also ‘add on’ a set of zodiac and moon phase runes. These can be used on your wheel as markers, or can be used in ritual or divination.