Tarot Suits Pendulum Board


This pendulum board is made of maple wood and can be used in divination practices.



Pendulum divination is one of the oldest and simplest forms of spiritual communication. Pendulum boards are paired with a pendulum and help convey a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer when using a pendulum to communicate with the subconscious or spiritual beings. 


This pendulum board features the cups, swords, wands, and pentacles used in traditional tarot decks. Using this board with your oracle or tarot cards can enhance your practice by incorporating the archetypal energy of these symbols.


Each scrying board is burned into maple wood. Our dowsing boards come in three sizes. Our 3.5 inch board is great for travel. It fits easily into a back pocket or wallet. Our 6 inch board is our most popular size. It is small enough to carry in a bag, but large enough to make a beautiful display on an altar or table. Our 12 inch board is the largest, and is great for those who plan to teach classes on divination. This size board is also a lovely decoration and can be easily hung or mounted on the wall.


Each board comes with a short ‘How To Use A Pendulum Board’ notecard. For an additional $9, you can add on a crystal pendulum and PositivelyMystic’s booklet ‘Introduction to Pendulums and Pendulum Boards’, which will provide you with a full pendulum divination kit. If you’ve never used a scrying kit before, it can be learned in minutes. If you’re a sage to the practice, you know there is always more to understand and learn in any spiritual pursuit. New perspectives and new tool sets are a great way to dive deeper!


Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to create a customized pendulum board for your practice. We are always so happy to work with people to design something perfect for their spiritual practice. Giving this as a gift? We’d love to make it special for them by adding a note when we ship it their way- just let us know.